The Truth About Drugs Education Package

The Truth About Drugs Education Package contains practical tools to educate young people about the use of drugs.

No one questions the severity of the drug problem and its devastating impact on youth. Academic results suffer and, even worse, drugs undermine health and destroy young lives.

The best solution is to reach young people with effective, fact-based drug education—before they start experimenting with drugs. Tweens, teens and young adults who know the facts about drugs are much less likely to start using them.

The core of the Foundation’s Education Program consists of the 1 hour and 42-minute documentary, The Truth About Drugs: Real People—Real Stories.

The documentary is supplemented by thirteen drug information booklets and award-winning public service announcements. More than 55 million educational booklets have been distributed in over 60 countries and in 20 languages.

This Truth About Drugs Education Package fills the growing demand for practical tools to help the teacher, instructor or director to communicate the truth about drugs swiftly and effectively. It provides lesson plans, assignments and classroom activities that elicit student participation and captures and retains young people’s attention. Students willingly read, view and, most importantly, use the information to make right choices about drug use.

Hardly a teacher or parent exists who has not asked: What can I do to help keep kids off drugs? The Truth About Drugs Education Package helps answer that question to the maximum benefit of today’s students and youth.

The Truth About Drugs Education Package Contents

The Truth About Drugs Education Package is available, at no charge, to teachers, youth group leaders, school administrators, mentors, counsellors, law enforcement officers and judicial officials—anyone in a position to educate youth on the subject of substance abuse.

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The package includes:

The Truth About Drugs Educator’s Guide contains complete lesson plans and instructions for teaching the truth about eleven individual drugs.  These lesson plans encourage and entice you and your students to truly participate and really find out the truth about drugs.

The Truth About Drugs documentary is a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred educational film that covers each of the most commonly abused substances. Told in the straight talk that is the hallmark of this program, here are the compelling firsthand accounts of former users who themselves survived the hell of addiction.

Included on the DVD are award-winning public service announcements (PSAs), each focusing on how casual drug use can lead to lasting drug ruin.

Twenty-four sets of the thirteen fact-filled booklets in The Truth About Drugs series—simple but powerful information about drugs.

The first of the series is The Truth About Drugs, which describes how drugs work and their mental and physical effects.

Each of the other twelve booklets in the series focuses on one of the most commonly abused drugs, exposing the myths by giving the truth about the short-term and long-term effects of the drug.

Eleven posters, one for each drug of choice, are provided for use in conjunction with the lessons. They are for display in the classroom or in school public areas to reinforce lesson messages and finding out the truth about drugs.

There is a lot of talk about drugs on the streets, at school, on the Internet and TV. Some of it is true, some not. Much of what your students hear about drugs actually comes from those selling them. Reformed drug dealers have confessed they would have said anything to get others to buy. Don’t let our youth and adults be fooled — order your free Truth About Drugs Education Package now.


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